Evaluate the state of operational maturity of your company.

Make our assessment KOMA (Klugwahl Operational Maturity Assessment) and get to know your current level of competitiveness.

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What do we do?

We provide solutions for our clients in a dynamic and effective way to bring them to operational excellence and market leadership level.

Evaluation of operational maturity
Measures the operational maturity of your business takes your processes to the next level of operational excellence.
Project management
We lead the entire project implementation, we optimize resources and define key objectives.
Operational excellence
We implement automation systems that boost operational performance.
Process design and industrial equipment
We implement consistent business strategies that minimize costs and increase profitability.
Soluciones integrales para nuestros clientes
About us

We are experts with over 30 years experience in the automotive and aerospace industry.

We train and advise companies to build, transform and escalate their business. We combine technology and business strategy to improve operations performance standards of global competitiveness.
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Recent Projects

These are some of the projects that have contributed to achieve the level of operational excellence.

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